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    About BIAPAY

    Our journey began in 2015 with a vision, that of the founders of Business Intelligence Agency to develop software and services that would make online payments more accessible, more secure and more scalable for entrepreneurs, especially those in Cameroon and Africa who strive to cope with the technological progress in a globalized world. Our mission is to build the most comprehensive financial products and service platform for SME, the customer always being at the core of our work. Therefore we aim at supporting different business model needs, minimizing financial risks, streamlining administrative processes and facilitating growth efforts.

    In 2018, this payment solution was finally incepted at Business Intelligence Agency. We’re now very proud to present you with the results of many years of hard work. BIAPAY … and it’s easy to pay!

    Value-added services

    BIAPAY adds great value to the service you provide your customers with by streamlining all payment transactions. Promote cashless shopping, accept any amount, no matter whether the customer has enough coins or not.

    Amazing user experience

    When paying turns out to be a pleasure...
    Offer your customers a smooth and pleasant experience throughout the shopping process on your website, from selecting the products they wish to buy up to checkout.

    Multiple payment methods

    Accept all major payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, wallets, mobile money transactions, Net Banking and GIMAC cards (*).

    * Applies to merchants who hold a bank account in the BEAC zone

    Secure payments

    By using the most advanced technology (2-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, 3D Secure technology, PCI DSS-ready processes, etc.), we make sure that all your payment transactions are safe.

    Fraud Management System

    BIAPAY comes with a highly evolved system to help you monitor incoming payments so as to detect in due time any fraudulent transactions. This is essential for every merchant who wants to run a safe business at all times. BIAPAY takes due care, as always!

    Send/Request Money

    With BIAPAY, your favorite mobile payment system, you will just have to enter a VPA or an account number to be able to send money to anyone you would like to or, e.g. in case of emergency, to request money from anyone. A few clicks and you are done!

    Built-in Analytics

    In a very easy and comfortable manner, the shop manager can generate detailed reports based on all or part of the transactions. Just analyze them to have a perfect overview over your sales performance and know how to improve your business.

    Easy Settlement Process

    Due to the perfect integration of all application components, settlement of any transaction proves very easy. Select your preferred frequency and get notified automatically each and every time your money is on its way to you. Relax and focus on your business!

    Dedicated multilingual support 24/7

    We have made every endeavor to provide you with a mobile payment system that works smoothly at all times, from the first click to sign in through the payment process up to cashout. We know that you, the users, need to rely on the technology we use in BIAPAY. And we know that you, the developers, love to integrate such system seamlessly. But we also know that there always can be a situation where you need our help and support to move forward. 
    Thus, we have put in place a comprehensive support system to help you out quickly, 24/7, no matter where you are, in French and English. German and other languages to be added soon. First stop for all is our BIAPAY Help Center, where we provide help for self-help, along with a competent support team.


    One thing is definitely sure: developers won’t bother about the complexity of BIAPAY! We put at their disposal everything they need to achieve quick and secure integration of your favorite payment gateway with your e-commerce website. Best-in-class APIs, SDKs and plugins will enhance your customers’ checkout experience.


    BIAPAY comes up with many features that will ensure a perfect experience for you, our valued user. Payments made easy and secure. Online. In-store. Everywhere.

    The perfect dashboard

    Keep control easily over your transactions! Decide how the well-designed activity reports display on your screen. The best is, you don’t need to know anything about coding! And if required, just export and share your reports in various formats, including PDF and CSV.

    2-factor authentication

    Your account’s security is key to us. This is why, among other things, when registering with us, we take you through a double verification process by e-mail, SMS or push notification to ensure that fraud risks are minimized. We highly recommend to turn on this option!

    User-friendly registration

    Registering with BIAPAY is definitely a breeze. The system guides you hassle-free through simple and clear steps to your new account, in just a few minutes. Don’t worry, all personal information you entrust us is absolutely safe at any stage. And, above all, it’s free!

    BIAPAY Loyalty

    Users of BIAPAY are members of a family. This reward program aims at consolidating the links between you and us, and at letting you know that you count for us! Use various coupons, discounts or BIAPAY Stars to enhance your mobile payment experience and have more fun paying.

    Smart Analytics

    Transparency to the core.
    We provide a beautiful set of real-time statistical reports with complete transparency to get a 360° view of your business performance in the competitive online industry. Our insightful data analytics helps analyse performance and maximize your business potential.

    Dynamic Event Notification

    When automation matters most…
    BIAPAY enables you to register various events that occur in your account.
    Dynamic Event Notification notifies you about the events that are relevant for you so that you can take timely action in your BIAPAY account, if necessary.


    As the process of paying must be no hassle, we designed services and solutions that will make your life easier when it comes to fast, secure and pleasant payments.

    BIAPAY - The apps

    Payments have never been that easy! BIAPAY is available to you the way you want it, on your desktop computer through the web application, on your mobile device as well with the perfectly responsive design and, last but not least, in a well-designed and in all regards comprehensive mobile application.

    Get the BIAPAY app today and start the most pleasant experience you’ve ever had when it comes to mobile payment! Online. In-store. Everywhere.

    Online Invoicing

    With BIAPAY, the merchant will need a single click to generate an invoice, which is compliant with all national and international regulations. It displays on the customer’s screen, where he/she can easily click on a button to pay for the items they purchased. Or the invoice is sent as a nice-looking PDF file to the user’s registered e-mail address with a link to initiate payment through BIAPAY.

    As you can see, all you need is a BIAPAY account to be done in minutes!
    It’s fast. It’s safe. It’s relaxed. It’s easy. Everywhere. All online.

    In-store payment / QR code

    When shopping in-store, especially in times of social distancing, as was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of mobile payment gets obvious. This is where the BIAPAY app shows up and proves fantastic. The dynamic or static QR code generated by the system, which includes all relevant information about the transaction, makes the payment a breeze for the merchant as well as for the customer.
    No need to touch anything but your own smartphone, just scan the QR code and you’re done in seconds! And it’s safe and secure at all times!

    BIAPAY Paylink

    With the so-called BIAPAY Paylink feature, a payment link generated by the web application, you can considerably reduce the duration of the cashless payment process and, ideally, even get paid instantly.

    To collect payments, send your customer the BIAPAY Paylink via e-mail and SMS. Generate payment links from the BIAPAY Dashboard or using our APIs. This is also the place for you to perform all required actions – create, cancel, duplicate, search or update. Share the URL with your customers through SMS and e-mail.

    And, you know what? The BIAPAY Paylink is also a perfect way of requesting money from anyone in case of emergency. Fine, isn’t it?


    Split Settlement

    Split settlement

    Split settlement is one of the settlement methods provided by BIAPAY to make payments to multiple dispatched as prescribed listed under the merchant. The payments are divided according to the prescribed fractions and agreed upon by merchants and sub-merchants.»

    • 1. A transaction amount is divided into several payments for the respective sub-merchant.
    • 2. The amount received by the sub merchant is based on the percentage agreed upon registration under the merchant.

    Event Internal Payments

    When you attend a big music festival or any huge event, you are always faced with the problem of long queues at the bar or in the food court. Main reason for that is the system of cash payment. Visitors also don’t want to deal with cash because itcan easily get lost or stolen.With the Event internal payments feature at festivals and events, visitors no longer need cash or card payments.. Event
    Internal payments are account-to-account transfers via QRcode,NFC or any other technologies. It’s up to you to set the transfer direction at your event: Visitor-to-Organizer or Visitor-to-Visitor


    BIAPAY Event and E-Ticketing Management System

    Electronic ticket (E-tickets) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing purposes, such as airfare or concert admission. BIAPAY E-tickets are stored in a database and can be printed out at home or at the ticket counter of the venue. This practice has become an increasingly popular option for travel companies and event venues because of its convenience, cost savings and environmental friendliness. Another advantage is that it eliminates the possibility of losing entrance to a venue or a flight because of a lost paper ticket.

    How do BIAPAY e-tickets work?
    When customers arrive at the bus station or the event venue, they must show their e-ticket to be granted entry. Each e-ticket is unique and contains a barcode or QR code that allows it to be scanned for verification. The e-ticket also serves as proof of purchase, eliminating the need for
    customers to carry around paper tickets.

    BIAPAY lets you achieve a bunch of things.
    Give it a try!

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    Our trusted partners

    They have been standing by our side throughout this long and exciting journey, and they still stick with us! Strong expertise coupled with smooth collaboration, this is what makes BIAPAY a great product!