BIAPAY – The apps

BIAPAY is a digital platform including a payment gateway that is meant to facilitate payment transactions between a buyer and a seller, allowing the latter to accept various methods of payment.

Currently, the fast growing BIAPAY family is made up of 3 applications that all serve one goal: making payments easier, safe and secure.

  • BIAPAY web application
  • BIAPAY mobile application
  • BIAPAY Authenticator

The full fledge of this powerful system, as introduced to you here, shows in the web application, which we designed according to the highest industry standards. The other applications of the family give you the opportunity to handle the payment process in the most flexible manner


BIAPAY is easy to use safe secure !!!

Your business in the palm of your hand

Run your business and get paid from home. Or from your office. Or at the beach. Or at the stadium. Anywhere. All you need to go is an Internet connection and your BIAPAY app!