BIAPAY Authenticator

Safety and security at another level

A specific app to enhance the authentication process

In our constant strive to provide you with the most secure digital payment platform, we implemented the 2-factor authentication (2FA) through the fully integrated, innovative BIAPAY Authenticator app. This is an autonomous application that, as an alternative to the conventional authentication process with username and password, makes sure the right person is connected to the BIAPAY system and only the authorized person has access to your valuable data. We have 3 levels of authentication:

  • When creating your account in web/mobile app
    OTP (e-mail, SMS) or QR code

  • For existing accounts, to activate 2FA
    OTP (e-mail, SMS) or QR code

  • At login & transaction level, when activated
    OTP (e-mail, SMS), QR code or push notification

We strongly recommend that you use this fantastic enhancement of your data safety.

Go and get the BIAPAY Authenticator app now!

A specific app to enhance the authentication process

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