BIAPAY Paylink

Payment links to ease your payments

BIAPAY Paylink

With the so-called BIAPAY Paylink, a payment link generated by the web application, you can considerably reduce the duration of the cashless payment process and, ideally, even get paid instantly. To collect payments, send your customer the BIAPAY Paylink via e-mail and SMS. Generate payment links from the BIAPAY Dashboard or using our APIs. This is also the place for you to perform all required actions - create, cancel, duplicate, search or update. Share the URL with your customers through SMS and e-mail. And, you know what? The BIAPAY Paylink is also a perfect way of requesting money from anyone in case of emergency. Fine, isn't it?


  1. Less than a minute from creation of the payment link to collection of the invoice amount

Create the BIAPAY Paylink easily, with a few clicks, and share it with your customer to accelerate safe and secured payment.

  1. Automatic sharing of link

The customer receives a payment link by SMS or e-mail, which enables him to pay in a swift manner.

  1. Set expiry date

Set the date after which the BIAPAY Paylink will no longer be valid.

BIAPAY Paylink
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BIAPAY gives you all you need for payment!

Payments have never been that easy! BIAPAY is available to you the way you want it, on your desktop computer through the web application, on your mobile device as well with the perfectly responsive design and, last but not least, in a well-designed and in all regards comprehensive mobile application.

Get the BIAPAY app today and start the most pleasant experience you've ever had when it comes to mobile payment! Online. In-store. Everywhere.