Online Invoicing

Still using paper invoices? We have something for you!

Online Invoicing Module

With BIAPAY, the merchant will need a single click to generate an invoice, which is compliant with all national and international regulations. It displays on the customer's screen, where he/she can easily click on a button to pay for the items they purchased. Or the invoice is sent as a nice-looking PDF file to the user's registered e-mail address with a link to initiate payment through BIAPAY.

As you can see, all you need is a BIAPAY account to be done in minutes!
It's fast. It's safe. It's relaxed. It's easy. Everywhere. All online.

We are particularly proud of the invoicing module we developed and integrated with the BIAPAY system. It is fully customizable and copes in a smooth manner with your design preferences. In a digitalized world, this is a great step towards full optimization of your accounting.

There's so much to say about it, but you'd rather try it by yourself. Just a click away!


Online Invoicing Module
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BIAPAY gives you all you need for payment!

Payments have never been that easy! BIAPAY is available to you the way you want it, on your desktop computer through the web application, on your mobile device as well with the perfectly responsive design and, last but not least, in a well-designed and in all regards comprehensive mobile application.

Get the BIAPAY app today and start the most pleasant experience you've ever had when it comes to mobile payment! Online. In-store. Everywhere.