System Security

Your valued data always in good hands

BIAPAY is safe!

By using the latest technology, BIAPAY ensures that both your account and all transactions you make are always safe. Your data are hosted in a secure place equipped with high-tech infrastructure (servers, data storage, …).

  • 2-factor authentication
    This is a double-check to ensure that only the authorized person has access to your account, or is entitled to perform critical actions with your data. The 2-factor authentication (2FA) is available at registration level and for each and every transaction involving the BIAPAY gateway through the BIAPAY Authenticator app or in a conventional manner by e-mail, SMS or push notification.

  • End-to-end encryption
    Nobody but the buyer and the seller can interfere in the data exchange process. So to say, the data sent by the seller can be received only by the buyer, and vice versa.


BIAPAY is safe!

  • 3D Secure technology
    Also often referred to as 3DS, it is an additional layer of security during credit/debit card holder authentication in the process of online payments. This technology has been developed jointly by VISA and Mastercard. In the event of a suspicious transaction during online payment, the bank card issuer redirects it to a 3DS page for extra verification.
    You may have already come across the labels "Verified By Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" in the Internet or at the cashier in-store, so now you know.

  • PCI DSS compliant processes
    We have put in place working processes that are very rigorous and compliant with the highest standard in the industry, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Beyond that, each transaction is checked in the background against international blacklists so as to prevent fraud!

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