BIAPAY Event and E-Ticketing

Electronic ticket (E-tickets) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing purposes, such as airfare or concert admission. BIAPAY E-tickets are stored in a database and can be printed out at home or at the ticket counter of the venue. This practice has become an increasingly popular option for travel companies and event venues because of its convenience, cost savings and environmental friendliness. Another advantage is that it eliminates the possibility of losing entrance to a venue or a flight because of a lost paper ticket.

How do BIAPAY e-tickets work?
When customers arrive at the bus station or the event venue, they must show their e-ticket to be granted entry. Each e-ticket is unique and contains a barcode or QR code that allows it to be scanned for verification. The e-ticket also serves as proof of purchase, eliminating the need for
customers to carry around paper tickets.

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