E-commerce Packages

The all-in solution to start your business with BIAPAY

E-commerce packages

Life can really be easy with BIAPAY!

To start even sooner with any online business, you will most probably consider setting up a website to run an online store, but this is time-consuming to get it right, isn't it? And all the techie stuff you don't know a little about... Javascript, .Net, PHP, CSS, HTML, API, SDK... Well, a nightmare! Hey, cool down and relax, for BIAPAY has anticipated your worries!

We provide you with all-in packages to start right away! Yes, well-designed e-commerce websites with perfectly integrated BIAPAY payment solutions, for all! After installation by our sales team, you just have to set up your products or services, and you're ready to go! As simple as that!

You can choose between customizable PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento and shopify websites, so to say the market leaders, as well as custom-designed WordPress sites, and we will be adding more options soon.

Get your e-commerce website package and focus on your business! 

E-commerce packages

Start your online business and grow!

The cloud is no limit ... only the sky is!

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BIAPAY gives you all you need for payment!

Payments have never been that easy! BIAPAY is available to you the way you want it, on your desktop computer through the web application, on your mobile device as well with the perfectly responsive design and, last but not least, in a well-designed and in all regards comprehensive mobile application.

Get the BIAPAY app today and start the most pleasant experience you've ever had when it comes to mobile payment! Online. In-store. Everywhere.